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Installation kits

Two variants of installation sets of complexes are offered:

Installation kit KIT006
Mobile (removable) or stationary mounting of the Hydra™ series sonar and other elements of the complex in a marching or working position on Board an inflatable boat. Installation kit KIT 006 is designed for mobile (removable) or stationary mounting of the sonar series Hydra° and other elements of the complex in marching or working position from one of the sides of the inflatable boat.
The rod allows you to set the required immersion depth of the locator . The kit can be used on almost any inflatable PVC boats.
The navigation receiver antenna can be installed at the top of the rod (via a separate adapter).


Characteristics The diameter of the cylinder of the boat, m: 0,3..0.8
Cross section of the rod, mm: d=30 (wall thickness 2 mm)
Material: aluminum, plastic, PVC
Dimensions, mm: 100x100x650 (unassembled)
Weight, kg, not more than: 1.5
Rod length, m: from 1.1 to 2 (specified when ordering)
Ability to install the navigation receiver antenna: Yes
Options Given in the specification
Additionally Navigation receiver mount adapter
Adapter for sonar mounting
Compatibility All versions of models H4LM3, H4M7, H5s7, H5sf7, H5s(e)3
Order code, delivery set Given in the specification.
NOTICE. The glue for gluing the rims is not included in the package
Status Serial production

pdf.png Kit006 user manual
Size: 25.29 MB


Installation kit  KIT008

Designed for fastening the winch on Board of an inflatable boat and pulling the cable rope when towing the sonar of Hydra™series.
The kit is installed on the balloons of the boat using seven PVC mounting pads glued to the balloon of the boat.
The kit is supplied as part of a towed side scan sonar kit or separately.
The kit contains a collapsible frame with a towing unit and a winch mount.

Specification  of KIT008

Sonars of Hydra™ series H5st7
A boat inflatable boat with a length of 3.5 m and a balloon diameter of 38-50 cm
Winch IVYUT.304331.002
Delivery set
Attachment Disassembled
Incoming accessories Case for transportation and storage
Documentation Installation instructions, label
Additional accessories, equipment (sold separately)
  • Adapter for mounting the sonar
  • Adapter for mounting the navigation receiver
Glue Adhesive for gluing mounting pads
Main parameters
Kit weight, kg 4
Dimensions of the transport case, mm 1020Х200Х140
Operation conditions
Shooting speed, knots up to 10
Temperature -15..+50°С (operational)
+5..+40°С (storage)

pdf.png Kit008 user manual
Size: 27.46 MB


KIT012 installation kit

Set of installation KIT012 (the kit) is designed for mobile (removable) or fixed mounting of sonar series Hydra™, and other elements of the complex in the stowed or working position from one side of the boat type Yal-6 (next boat) or a similar vessel by means of rod 50х25мм from a set of installation KIT011 or similar.

Brief specification KIT012


Side-scan sonars Hydra™

All models of sonar series Гидра5


The Boat Is Yawl-6

The package


Set Assembly


Installation manual, label

The main parameters

Mass of set, kg


Dimensions, mm


Thread axis bracket


Maximum working weight of attached equipment, kg, not more


The cross section of the rod, mm


Material set

stainless steel

Working conditions

Shooting speed, knots

to 10


-10..+50°C (operating)
-40..+50°C (storage)


pdf.png Kit012 user manual
Size: 430.43 KB