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Dual frequency SSS H5ds13

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H5ds13 - dual-frequency side scan sonar (DSSS) .
To search and area shooting being used effectively when working on large areas side-view method, which allows to reduce time and material costs. The complex combines two SSS operating at different frequencies (high and low). Sonar survey of the waters is complex, placed on board a moving carrier (vessel, boats, boat, etc.). The range of investigated depths ranging from a few to hundreds of meters depending on the operating frequency of the complex that allows you to work on any of the rivers, lakes and offshore seas, oceans.


  • review a survey of the bottom revealing topography;

  • finding objects on the seabed and the water column;

  • definition of coordinates and depth, assessment of the dimensions;

  • preparation and supervision of construction of various hydraulic structures (HTS) ports, hydroelectric power stations, dams, bridges etc;

  • ensuring the safety of navigation;

  • engineering and environmental monitoring.


  • easy transport and storage – all the sonar in the same case;

  • receiver built-in navigation (optional);

  • wide span and high quality of the obtained images;

  • the possibility of upgrading and integration of external sensors;

  • wide supply voltage range, low power consumption;

  • external synchronization;

  • its compact size and light weight;

  • stationary or mobile accommodation to all types of vessels.

Specification of the basic set SSS H4ds13



Mobile (removable) or fixed, on-Board option

The communications protocols of sensors

NMEA, binary, user-defined

External synchronization

The possibility of synchronization of two or more complexes with each other or from an external source

Management of the complex

IBM PC compatible computer (Ethernet 10/100/1000)

The complex location

Mobile (removable) or fixed, on-Board option

Software (SW)

Provides scanning and viewing real-time data, recording and subsequent playback, measurement parameters, data conversion for further processing


Manual, operator's manual, quick guide

Inbox accessories

  1. Charger ~110..220V/47-63Hz

  2. Case for transport and storage

  3. Mounting kit

  4. Adapter for work on Board

Additional accessories and equipment (sold separately)

BPP external sensors (optional)

The navigation receiver; the sensor yaw, heel, trim, speed of sound in water, the velocity profile of sound in water

BPP built-in sensors (optional)

Receiver navigation GPS+GLONASS with an accuracy of 3M or 0.1 m

Number of MFP connected to external sensors

1 (using the built-in navigation receiver)
2 (in the absence of a built-in navigation receiver)

Interface connection of external sensors

RS-232 or RS-485


Mobile accessories kit SSS


PC compatible computer (laptop)


Navigation, navigation, secondary processing


Specification DSSS


Operating frequency

100 and 300 for H4ds13

Distance resolution

7,5 (100 kHz), 3 (300 kHz)

Range, span

1500 (100 kHz) 300 (300 kHz)

The recommended range of investigated depths

1-500 (100 kHz), 1-70 (300 kHz)

The width of the swath acoustic images

6-20 depths (depending on hydrology)

The types of the used probing signals (Z)

Tone or chirp


The angle of inclination of the axis of the directivity pattern of the antenna with respect to the vertical, deg

30, 45 (adjustment in unit antennas)

Opening of the main lobe of the directivity of the antenna, deg

2.5 x(35-50) – 100 kHz
1.2 x(35-50) – for 300 kHz



High-impact molded plastic black, cover antennas – polyurethane.


Hybrid cable (power + Ethernet)


Two d holes=8.5 mm

The installation location

on the rod cross-section mm 50x25

Penetration at work

up to 6 m


The power of acceptance (BPP)

External source =10..27V (battery 12.. 24V or network 110...220V using an additional power supply unit)



Different tips to connect to (the type specified when ordering)


Ethernet plug RJ-45


In the air (fresh water)

0,9 (PPB)
6 (BA)


Monobloc (without cable)

170x175x55 (PPB)
650x40x25 (BA, 100 kHz)
320x25x25 (BA 300)

Working conditions

Operating temperature




The speed of movement when shooting, units

9 (4)

The excitement

to 3 points

HyScan softwarerecording program and processing of data used in the work of SSSE, is part of the basic package. You can download the program via Download center

Additional information: Documentation

The complex comes in various configurations. Recommendations on the choice of configuration are described in the specification.

Basic kit contains:

  1. Block transfer and acceptance (BPP)

  2. Unit antennas (BA) c fixation elements to the rod

  3. Antenna navigation receiver with cable (with built-in navigation receiver)

  4. The BPP power cable, spare fuse

  5. Ethernet Cable

  6. CD “the Complex sonar Hydra

  7. FOR the basic set - recording program HyScan with converters of the data (on disk)

NOTE. Cable lengths specified in the order. Possible cable lengths given in the specifications.

The minimum set of components for the functioning of the SSS:

  1. The computer installed with the basic set;

  2. Battery or power supply (if AC);

  3. Installation kit (fastening elements).

NOTE. The absence by angle sensors can cause significant errors in determining the coordinates when working at great depths.

Extension kit upon delivery of the complex:

  1. Computer;

  2. Batteries, chargers for batteries, power adapter;

  3. Power adaptor Notebook – power to the Notebook computer from the battery 12 or 24V;

  4. The navigation receiver;

  5. Mounting kits for mounting the AIO on different ships.

The expansion kit includes additional subsystems and accessories, which help the user to organize meals, monitoring of results, to adapt the complex to vessels of different type and displacement, etc., the User can purchase additional sub-systems and accessories yourself or include them in the package.

Additional extension kit contains more subsystems and accessories, which enable you to arrange meals, monitoring of results, to adapt the complex to vessels of different type and displacement, etc.

The elements of a set of extensions specified when ordering as a single item for delivery. You can choose them in a shared directory. The user can purchase the items of the extension kit from a third party. it is recommended to coordinate their use with the provider of the complex.


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