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Expansion kit, additional equipment and accessories

The expansion kit is an addition to the basic set and is used to create the necessary configuration of the complex. Elements of the expansion kit are also used to create a spare parts of the purchased complexes or complexes that are already in operation. The expansion set is specified when ordering the complex. Later, the necessary elements can be purchased separately by the Consumer. Additional elements of the expansion kit that are not presented in this catalog, as well as similar elements of third-party suppliers, can be ordered from the manufacturer of the complex or purchased by the Consumer himself.
The expansion kit includes the following main categories:

  • the computer and an input/output device (computers different versions, keyboard, mouse, monitors, etc.)
  • power system (batteries, chargers, mains power supply, generator, UPS, etc.))
  • storage system (external storage)
  • data transmission system (Wi-Fi points, etc.))
  • cable network (Ethernet cables, RS-232 cables, RS-485 cables, power cables, adapters and matching devices)
  • sensors and their components (navigation receiver, navigation receiver antenna; course sensors, roll, trim, sound speed in water, sound speed profile in water, etc.).)
  • cases
  • workplaces (fastening elements, rods, workplaces, etc.))
  • accessories

The minimum set for obtaining a working complex is given in the corresponding specification. Usually it is necessary to use a computer, battery, navigation receiver, elements of installation and placement on the vessel to the basic set.
The use of other elements of the extension set is determined by the solved tasks. The computer is used to control the operation of the complex during scanning. For scanning can be used as a separate computer and a computer that is used for scanning and process the data. Existing user products (e.g. computer, batteries, navigation receiver, etc.) can be used as elements of the extension kit or supplied by the manufacturer of the complex.

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