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To perform one-time or rarely repeated search and hydrographic works, when the purchase of equipment is not economically feasible, our company offers the option of renting the necessary equipment for the work.

Types of equipment for rent:

  • fully functional sonar systems;
  • basic sets of complexes;
  • additional equipment and accessories;
  • additional software.

How to rent:


  • выбор необходимого оборудования заказчиком или по нашим рекомендациям;
  • заключение договора аренды;
  • инструктирование и обучение персонала заказчика (если оборудование используется заказчиком впервые);
  • передача оборудования заказчику;
  • выполнение заказчиком работ;
  • возврат оборудования.
  • selection of the necessary equipment by the customer or according to our recommendations;
  • signing the rent agreement;
  • instruction and training of the customer's personnel (if the equipment is used by the customer for the first time);
  • transfer of equipment to the customer;
  • execution of works by the customer;
  • return of equipment.

To rent equipment, please fill out the form:

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The cost of renting the equipment:

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