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Modern sonar / Journal "Special equipment" 2003, p. 22-26

Современный гидролокатор


The use of interferometric sonar side-view during work under water / Journal "Building materials, equipment, technology of the XXI century" 2003 N1, p. 24-25

Поисковое оборудование

Modern equipment and technologies for prospecting and engineering works in water areas / hydrotechnika Magazine 2010 N1(18), p. 49

Инженерные работы

The latest technology and underwater mysteries of Colchis / Journal "Neptune" 2011 N3, pp. 54-63.

Подводные тайны

The article describes the results of archaeological expeditions to Abkhazia in January-may 2011, during which a sunken ship - a dry cargo ship of the early XX century was found with the help of a side-scan sonar Hydra4.

The secrets of the waters of the Sevastopol / Voice of Russia, 19.03.2014

Hydroacoustic technology domestic manufacturer/ magazine "the Shipbuilder" 2015 N3, p. 78.

11.2016 Interview with Professor Victor Lebedinsky at ahhh! Underwater archaeology. What mysteries lie in the depths of the sea.

05.2016 Article in the journal "Sea fleet": the Sonar of the lateral review: the Stepsons have seven uncles?

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