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Echo-sounding survey

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In most cases, the main objectives of the measurement work in the waters is to obtain bathymetry with high accuracy, for the further creation of hydrographic maps, evaluation of dredging, the state of the GTS. The size of the waters can be small (pond, lake, canal, channel, river, etc.) and have a large area (large lakes and reservoirs, shelf seas and oceans).
The work is carried out using mobile sonar systems in the configuration of SSS, ISSS. The area method of shooting (review) of the bottom is used.
Dimensional work allows you to get:

  • 2-D and 3-D acoustic bottom image
  • bathymetric data

Various forms of the results presentation of the measurement works are possible.
The company and our partners have extensive experience in carrying out of measurement works in the interests of both private and corporate customers and various government agencies (interior Ministry, Navy, MOE, environmental services).
Side-scan sonar with built-in echosounder (SSSE) combines side-scan sonar (SSS) and echosounder (ES). The use of SSS and ES is possible simultaneously or separately. The presence of ES allows the use of SSSE as a measuring complex, which can perform both standard sounder and sounder with instrumental evaluation.
In the series of hydrolocation complexes Hydra™ there is a line of models that perform the function of SSSE.
SSSE Hydra™ series are mobile, small and lightweight devices that allow you to perform a wide range of tasks. Mobility allows You to freely move the complex from one vessel to another, to transport it by any means of transport. It is possible and stationary accommodation of the complex. Due to its small size and weight, SSSE can be placed on any type of vessels - from small (inflatable boats) to large displacement vessels.

Echo-sounding survey systems
Monitoring of the upstream HPP (Seoul, South Korea)