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Complex software

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Software (SOFTWARE) of the complex provides work with the complex at the stages:

  • preparations for shooting
  • take the picture
  • primary and secondary treatment
  • report creation

The software is divided into the basic set and extension kit.
Basic software is a part of the basic set in the delivery of the complex and provides:

  • the shooting
  • primary data processing
  • convert data to different output formats for further processing

The structure of the basic set includes the following software:

  • the HyScan program base
  • data converters
  • the program SAS_Tools

Adding software purchased by the Consumer for a fee on their own or can be delivered as part of the Compex (specified in the order). The composition of THE CD is determined by the tasks to be solved and may include:

  • programs for creating tablets
  • programs for bathymetry calculation and mapping
  • programs of formation of electronic passports of the water area, etc.

HyScan sowtware

 Designed for shooting, playback and primary processing of data received from the complex. The program functions in Windows OS.

Data converters
Data converters provide conversion of data obtained during the survey into various output formats for further processing (secondary processing programs) and reporting.

SAS_Tools software

Designed to work with the sensor (Antenna sensor system SAS2) when used as a standalone sensor. The program functions in Windows OS. 

Navigation software

Navigation software is used for preparation and carrying out shooting.