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Russian hydrographic information system capabilities centralized real-time support mapping and monitoring of water areas


    • Simultaneous reading and writing of sonar data by several users;
    • The distribution of the Hydrograph source code by the model of open source software (GNU GPL);
    • Possibility to develop additional modules by third-party developers;
    • Creation of a specialized hydrograph modification for solving special tasks;
    • Work on microprocessors with different architecture (amd64, i386, arm64, powerpc,...);
    • Working under Linux and Windows operating systems;

Note: the most famous foreign analogue of the Hydrograph is the HyPack package.


  • Search for objects at the bottom of the waters (sunken ships, aircraft, potentially dangerous objects);
  • Engineering monitoring of hydraulic structures, pipelines, underwater cables, transitions;
  • Provision of underwater archaeological works;
  • Provision of engineering-geological surveys;
  • Hydrographic support of dredging;
  • Monitoring of the state of underwater waters and fairways;
  • Navigation;
  • Planning of various works on water areas;
  • Creating output products in different views (maps, digital models);


  • Planning;
  • Shooting;
  • Processing.

Scientific research is carried out and implemented at the expense of the Innovation promotion fund.