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Side-scan sonar (SSS) is an effective tool for the water areas survey. SSS allows you to view large water areas and see the bottom regardless of water transparency. Water salinity also has no effect on the work quality. In this regard, the complexes can be used when working on lakes, rivers, bays and in the open ocean.
    Side-scan sonar (SSS) is a type of active sonar system that uses ultrasonic probing pulse (ZI) to form a picture of the underwater environment. The use of the term "side scan" is used to the fact that this type of sonar "looks" in both directions, rather than down or forward, and forms an image when the sonar antenna moves physically above the bottom surface. No other type of sonar can give such a clearly interpreted picture of the bottom surface and objects located on it.
   The complexes are used both for the study of man-made objects (sunken ships) and for objects of exogenous origin (landforms). Side-scan sonar is a tool that provides a high-resolution image of the bottom on both sides of the line of vessel movement. Objects that are in the water column or on the bottom surface appear in the SSS image.
   SSS does not give absolute heights of bottom objects, however, allows to receive approximate estimates of objects heights. These complexes give a detailed acoustic picture of the bottom, called an acoustic image or sonogram (sonogram).

Produced as simple models of SSS, which are used when working at different depths, and varieties of complexes:
1. Complex locator consist of SSS and forward-looking locator.
2. Lock around sonar.
3. Towed SSS.

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Side scan sonar H5s3
Frequency: 300kHz, range: 300m, resolution: 3.5 cm.
Side scan sonars 300kHz
Side scan sonar H5s7E
Frequency: 700khz, range: 120m, resolution: 1 cm.
Side scan sonars 700kHz
Side scan sonar+forward-looking locator H5sf7
Frequency: 700khz HBO/400kHz VSL
Complex locator
Towed side scan sonar H5st7
Frequency: 700khz, range: 120m, resolution: 1 cm.
Towed side scan sonar 700kHz
Dual-frequency side scan sonar H5ds13
Frequency: 100/300kHz, monoblock H5s1 + H5s3
Dual-frequency side scan sonar 100 and 300kHz
Dual-frequency side scan sonar H5ds37
Frequency: 300/700khz, monoblock H5s3 + H5s1
Dual-frequency side scan sonar 300 and 700kHz