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Perfomed works

The main directions of the works performed by our company and partners on various water areas with the use of hydrolocation complexes Hydra are:

  • search operations;
  • measurement works;
  • engineering surveys;
  • engineering and environmental monitoring;
  • creation of electronic passports of water areas;
  • scientific research, underwater archaeology.

Work in the interests of the interior Ministry, the Prosecutor General's office, the Ministry of emergency situations, the Navy

  • search for sunken or submerged objects;
  • search for ammunition;
  • survey of objects of technogenic disasters;
  • search for drowned people.

Works on the objects of hydro-engineering structures (HES)

  • geophysical surveys for the construction of HES (ports, bridges, hydropower plants, etc.);
  • engineering monitoring of current status of HES;
  • study of dangerous geological, technogenic and other processes, tudy of hazardous geological, man-made and other processes that represent a threat to the safety of HES operation;
  • passport creation of HES.

Works at oil and gas facilities

  • geophysical surveys for the construction of underwater oil and gas pipelines, oil terminals, plants, installation of offshore oil and gas drilling platforms,inclined-directional  drilling through water barriers;
  • determination of the planned altitude position of oil and gas pipelines, sections of bare and sagging pipelines, their integrity;
  • study of dangerous geological, technogenic and other processes that represent a threat to the safety of facilities operation;
  • engineering and ecological monitoring of underwater facilities;
  •  laying and position control of underwater pipeline.

Works on objects of communications

  • geophysical surveys for underwater cable laying;
  • engineering and environmental monitoring of the technical condition of cables.

Works on the hydropower facilities and the nuclear industry

  • geophysical surveys for the construction of hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants;
  • support of construction of hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants;
  • engineering and environmental monitoring of condition of hydroengineering constructions and water area;
  • creation of water passport of hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants;
  •  inspection of the state of hydroelectric power plants's constructions.

Scientific research, underwater archaeology

  • study of bottom structure, geological processes;
  • search for sunken ships, military and civilian equipment, archaeological sites and artifacts.

Inspection of underwater pipelines and cables, coastal sections of routes

When inspecting underwater pipelines and cables and adjacent coastal sections of routes the following works can be performed:

  • horizontal and vertical survey of coastal areas;
  • hydrographic survey (depth measurements);
  • determination of horizontal and vertical  position of pipelines and cables;
  • determination of places of  disintegration of waterproofing;
  • search and survey of all objects at the bottom of the water area transition;
  • full extent of engineering-geodesic, engineering-hydrological and engineering-hydrographic surveys;
  • calculation of the warranty period (in the presence of the necessary initial information);
  • comparison of the current state of the site with the data of previous years, analysis and forecast of changes.

According to the results of these works the following information is provided:

  • scheme of the surveyed area (scales 1:500, 1:1000, etc.);
  • longitudinal profiles of pipelines (cables) with drawing of data of the previous surveys (if they are available);
  • transverse profiles (cross sections) for any number of sections;
  • program of three-dimensional visualization of the surveyed area;
  • program for comparison and analysis of profiles of different surveys of one object.

Support of underwater technical works and technical supervision of the quality of the works

The following works can be carried out when accompanying underwater technical works and technical supervision of the quality of underwater technical works:

  • inspection of the water area before carrying out underwater technical work to identify foreign objects at the bottom;
  • planar-altitude survey of coastal areas before and during the work with operative determination of the volume of work performed;
  • hydrographic survey (depth measurements) before and during the work with the operative determination of the scope of work on the results of successive surveys. The results of the work in the shortest time after the survey can be presented in the form of plans, profiles and three-dimensional model that allows you to see in detail the changes taking place;
  • determination of the planar-altitude position of pipelines and cables in the course of work;
  • installation of precise positioning systems and specialized software on floating craft performing technical work to ensure the most accurate and rational performance of work.

Engineering and geological explorations

The structure of the performed engineering and hydrological surveys include:

  • planar-altitude survey;
  • hydrographic survey (depth measurements);
  • breakdown and leveling of the morphometric section;
  • gathering and analysis of hydrological observations for previous periods;
  • calculation of parameters of distribution of characteristics of a drain and sizes of various provision;
  • construction of the calculated hydrograph;
  • plotting flow velocities;
  • creation of a map of the velocity field of currents;
  • calculation and prediction of planar-altitude deformations;
  • hydrographic survey;
  • inspection of hydroengineering structures;
  • survey of water areas for construction;
  • inspection of overland pipelines (cables);
  • search for objects at the bottom of water areas;
  • search for objects at the bottom of water areas under a layer of soil.


Recommendations for ordering works
To order the works the following data are required:

  • type, purpose of work (search, sample, monitoring, etc.);
  • type of water area (river, lake, canal, sea, etc.);
  • the size of the polygon(s);
  • operating depths;
  • type of vessel (if the vessel is provided by the Customer);
  • type and format of output reports;
  • accuracy of the  output data.

For search operations, it is necessary to determine the type (s) of search objects, their approximate sizes (if known).

All certified works on measurements and survey are performed by our partners  CJSC "Baltic Hydrographic company"..