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H5se1 is a side scan sonar (SSS) with echo sounder (ES)


H5se1 is the Hydra™ side scan sonar (SSS) with the built-in survey echo sounder (ES) of  onboard placement. Operating frequencies of 100 kHz (SSS) and 400 kHz (ES) allow operation at depths up to 400m.
An effective method of side scan sonar is used to search for objects on large areas, which allows to reduce the time of work and material costs.
Small-sized narrow-profile design of the SSS allows you to place it on board of any vessel on a rod with a cross section of 25x50mm with minimal immersion. The special way of fastening on a bar allows to protect SSS from blow and to reduce risk of its breakage.
Sonar survey of the water area is carried out by the SSS placed on Board of a moving carrier (vessel, boat, boat, etc.), allowing to obtain a digital high-quality detailed acoustic image of the bottom in real time. Built-in survey echo sounder allows you to perform depth measurements. To increase the efficiency, an echo sounder survey with instrumental verification can be used.
The SSS provides high range resolution (3.5 cm) for object search and target detection. The recommended depth range of up to 300 m (for SSS) and up to 400 m (for ES) allows a offshore operation. Simple installation, using materials at hand or quick-release mount, ensures work on any vessel.  The SSS connects to a PC compatible computer with Microsoft ® Windows ® Operating System via an Ethernet port. The HyScan program included in the delivery set provides real-time scanning and viewing of data, recording and subsequent playback, measurement of object parameters. Built-in batteries of the sonar SSSE allow you to work up to 8 hours or continuously in booster charge mode.


  • survey of the bottom, identification of terrain features, various inhomogeneities
  • search and detection of various objects on the bottom and in the water column
  • sounder measurement
  • sounder measurement with instrumental evaluation
  • engineering and environmental monitoring


  • easy to transport and store – all sonar in one case
  • wide field of view of HBO, high quality of the received images
  • built-in Li-ion battery
  • built-in course-roll-trim sensors
  • long battery life

Similar model: H5se3 - compact SSS with echo-sounder

A brief specification of the system

The composition of the basic set

Monoblock H5se1

Combined electronics unit and antennas with hybrid power cable and Ethernet, on-Board accommodation (mount on post)


=22.2 V (built-in Li-ion battery)

Software (SW)

Recording program HyScan Base (for Windows XP/7/8)

Inbox accessories

Built-in sensors of course-roll-trim (option)
carrying Case for transport and storage
Mounting kit for fixing to the rod
Cable splitter

Additional accessories and equipment, software obespechenie (sold separately)


Extension cords, adapters


Receiver navigation
Sensor of the speed of sound in water, the profile of the speed of sound


Installation kit for inflatable boats


Operators ' workstations
accessories Set


PC compatible computer (laptop)


Navigation, navigation, secondary processing


Brief specification of monoblock H5se1


Operating frequency, kHz

76-115 (SSS)
380-420 (ES)

Distance resolution, see

7.5 (SSS)
3 (ES)

Range, span

up to 1200 m on Board, the total span of up to 2000 m (for SSS)
to 120m (for electrical)

The recommended range of investigated depths, m

5..300 (SSS)
1..400 (ES)

The radiation mode

Tone, chirp (CHIRP)



50°x 2.5° (for SSS)
(3..6)° (for ES)
Double transmitting and receiving antenna LPG, the angle of inclination from 30° to 60° in increments of 7.5° to the horizontal (manual setting of tilt angle 5 positions, independently for each side).

Built-in sensors

Course, roll, pitch

an accuracy of 0.2° (roll, pitch)
accuracy of 1° (heading)

Built-in Li-ion battery

Nominal voltage/capacity

22,2 V / 6.8 A*h



High-impact molded plastic black
Cover antennas – polyurethane


Hybrid cable

Mount to the bar

Two d holes=8.5 mm

The installation location

from the ship on the rod section 25х50мм

Penetration at work

up to 6 m



=25.2 In (built-in Li-ion batteries)
~110..220V/47-63Hz (when charging the built-in batteries)

Consumption, W

2 (stop)
500 (max. pulse when scanning)
5 (average when scanning in tone)
20 (average when scanning in LFM)



Ethernet, RJ-45 (plug)


In the air

5 kg (monoblock without cable)

In fresh water

3 kg

Basic kit

9 kg (case)


Monobloc (without cable)

1000x450x170 mm (LxWxH)

The case of the basic set

300x400x110 mm (LxWxH)

Working conditions

Operating temperature




The battery life

Up to 8 hours (depending on operation mode)

HyScan the survey and primary data processing program that is used in the SSSE operation is included in the basic delivery set. You can download the program via Download center.

The complex is delivered in various configurations. Recommendations for choosing a configuration are given in the specification.

The basic delivery set contains:

  • H5se1 monoblock with hybrid cable
  • Cable splitter CPL002
  • Battery charger
  • Mounting kit
  • CD disk " Complex sonar Hydra. ED and PO”
  • Case for transportation and storage
  • Hyscan base shooting program (on disk)
  • Operating instructions (on disk), quick start guide, passport

NOTE. Cable lengths are specified when ordering. Possible cable lengths are given in the specification.

Minimum set of components for working with the basic set:

  • Computer (laptop) with the basic software installed
  • Battery or power supply (when working from the mains)
  • Installation kit (mounting elements)

NOTE. The absence of a set of angle sensors during operation can cause significant errors in determining coordinates when working at large depths.

Extension kit contains additional subsystems and accessories that help the user to organize meals, monitor results, adapt the system to vessels of different types and displacement, etc. the User can purchase additional subsystems and accessories himself or include them in the delivery package.