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Consortium 'Marine automatic complexes' (MACo)
The consortium also includes research and production center PALS (Samara), Samara state technical University (SamSTU), "Screen-Co Ltd", etc.
SPC PALS produces high-precision measuring equipment for Oceanology, petroleum Geophysics and control of technological processes.
Samara state technical University (SamSTU) is a platform for interaction between the scientific school and industry in priority areas of science and technology, critical technologies of the Russian Federation.
"Screen-Co Ltd" - roduction and delivery of the mobile sonar complex HydraTM.

Apparatus of marine research - Multifunctional Autonomous Uninhabited Surface-Underwater Vehicle (MAUSUV)

The device is a small-sized robot vessel in block-modular design with an electric power plant consisting of a lithium-ion battery and two rowing motors, capable of moving in three different modes.

Autonomous gliding underwater vehicle for ocean research (‘underwater robot’) ‘ MACo’

The device is an underwater glider with measuring equipment installed on it, hovering in the water environment due to changes in the buoyancy of the hull. The buoyancy of the device is regulated by the volume of the polymer "swimming bubble", where oil is pumped from a special cylinder.

The wave glider

Remotely controlled robotic platform for ocean observation. It consists of two parts connected by a cable: surface and underwater.