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Below are examples of the Hydra complex usage:

HPP state monitoring - 2003 year.

Over the years of long-term operation of most hydroelectric power plants significantly changed the topography of the underwater surface of the hydraulic structure. Appeared on the surface of concrete to local deformation and destruction are increasing every year, in addition, by its nature and size, they affect the level of safety of hydraulic structures. More...

Northern HPP in the long-Eastern Barents sea Bay - 2008

Survey of the seabed under the floating structure of the Northern hydroelectric power station in the Bay of the Long-Eastern Barents sea - 2008.  More..

Study of the upstream HPP (Seoul, South Korea) - 2008

Date: 2008. The area of hydrological works was a section of the upper water area, adjacent to the dam of the hydroelectric power station, located on the Han river for Seoul (Republic of Korea). The sonar survey was carried out in order to collect the data necessary to address the issue of the upstream status of the hydroelectric power plant. More..

Search bodies of water, transport of Armenia (the Black sea) - 2008

Date: 2008 the Purpose of the work was to search for the "Armenia"transport flooded during the Second World War in the Black sea. The search was carried out in the area of Sevastopol-Alushta (Crimea, Ukraine) using sonar side view series Hydra3 (Hydra SSS 100). More..

Monitoring of the underwater channel - 2008

In the production of hydrographic works in inland waters (channels) one of the most popular types of work is to monitor the current state of the reservoir in order to identify changes in its condition. As an example, the results of the survey of the underwater channel to identify deviations from the geometry of the channel design marks.  More..

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