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Our company has its own research and production base, allowing to carry out a full cycle of production - from development to pilot, small-scale or serial production.
We offer services in development of various sonar systems, complexes under requirements of the Customer. New complexes can be built by upgrading existing hydrolocation complexes Hydra or their components, as well as developed again.
Also, we are engaged in the manufacture of sonar antennas. Antennas are used as a part of hydrolocation complexes of Hydra, and also can be developed under requirements of the Customer.
Types develop and produce antennas:

  • side-view antenna
  • dimensional sounders antennas
  • parametric profiling antenna
  • sensors of sound speed profile and the speed of sound antennas
  • ultrasonic cleaning systems antennas

Modern technologies are used for manufacture of antennas. It allows to obtain high technical characteristics and repeatability at the level of the best world samples.