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Example of use

Below are examples of using the Hydra complex for various tasks.


Search for objects

To search for various objects, sunken or submerged, of natural or artificial origin on the bottom, in the water column or in the ground, HBO, GKO and PPF are used. More..

Diving support

In diving support tasks, you can use SSS and GKO. More..


Underwater archaeology

In the tasks of supporting archaeology, you can use SSS and GKO. More..


Echo-sounding survey

In the task of supporting the surveying works, you can use SSSE. More..


Ensuring the safety of navigation

In support of safety of navigation it is possible to use SSS and SSSE. More...


Engineering monitoring

In engineering monitoring tasks, you can use SSS and SSSE. More..


Support for dredging

When dredging, you can use SSS, SSSE, ISSS, GKO, bottom profiler. More..


Ecological monitoring

In environmental monitoring tasks, SSS, SSSE, ISSS, GKO, bottom profiler can be used. More..