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H5ds37 is a dual-frequency side-scan sonar (DSSS)

H5ds37 is a dual-frequency side-scan sonar (DSSS).
It consists of two SSS operating at different frequencies (high and low).

Fields of application:

  • bottom survey observation, identification of relief features;
  • search for objects at the bottom and in the water column;
  • determination of coordinates of objects and depth of occurrence, estimation of dimensions;
  • preparation and support of construction of various hydro-engineering structures (HES) - ports, hydroelectric power plants, dams, bridges, etc;
  • ensuring the safety of navigation;
  • engineering and ecological monitoring.


  • easy to transport and store – all sonar fits in one case;
  • built-in navigation receiver (optional);
  • wide swath of view and high quality images;
  • ability to upgrade and integrate external sensors;
  • wide supply voltage range, low power consumption;
  • external synchronization;
  • compact size and light weight;
  • mobile or fixed accommodation on all types of vessels.

System specification


Constructive embodiment

Mobile (removable) or stationary, on-Board version

Communication protocols of sensors

NMEA, binary, user-defined

External synchronization

The ability to synchronize the work of two or more complexes with each other or from an external source

Management of the complex

IBM PC compatible computer (Ethernet 10/100/1000)

Accommodation of complex

Mobile (removable) or stationary, on-Board version

Software (SW)

Provides real-time scanning and viewing of data, recording and subsequent playback, measurement of object parameters, data conversion for further processing


Operation manual, operator manual, quick start guide

Incoming accessories

  1. Charger ~110..220V/47-63Hz
  2. Case for transportation and storage
  3. Mounting kit
  4. Adapter for working on Board

Additional accessories and equipment, software (purchased separately)

External sensors of RTU(optional)

Navigation receiver; sensor of course, roll, trim, speed of sound in water, of profile of speed of sound in water

Built in RTU sensors (optional)

GPS+GLONASS navigation receiver with 3m or 0.1 m accuracy

Number of external sensors connected to the RTU

1 (when using the built-in navigation receiver)

2 (if there is no built-in navigation receiver)

External sensor connection interface

RS-232 or RS-485


Mobile accessory kit of SSS


PC compatible computer (laptop)


SW for navigation , shipping, secondary processing


HyScan - the survey and primary data processing program used by SSSE is included in the basic package. You can download the program through the SW download Center.

Additional information: Documentation

The complex is supplied in various configurations. Recommendations on the choice of configuration are described in the specification.

The basic kit contains:

  1. Receiving-transmission unit (RTU)
  2. Antenna unit (AU) with elements of attachment to the rod
  3. Navigation receiver antenna with cable (if there is a built-in navigation receiver)
  4. Power cable of the RTU, spare fuse
  5. Ethernet cable
  6. Disk " Sonar complex Hydra. MD (maintenance documentation) & SW”
  7. SW of the basic kit -HyScan shooting program with data converters (on disk)

NOTICE. Cable lengths are specified when ordering. Possible cable lengths are given in the specification.

The minimal set of components for the functioning of SSS:

  1. Computer with installed SW of the base kit;
  2. Rechargeable battery or power supply (when powered by mains);
  3. Installation kit (mounting elements).

NOTICE. The absence of a set of angle sensors during operation can cause significant errors in determining coordinates when working at great depths.

The expansion kit contains additional subsystems and accessories that help the user to organize powering, monitoring of results, adapt the complex to vessels of different types and tonnage, etc.. The user can purchase additional subsystems and accessories himself or include them in the package.