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SSU003 circular view drive

The SSU003 - is a compact Hydra™ series mechanical all-around drive kit, used for  operation of a side-scan sonar (SSS) in the sector mode or all-around mode (ALS)  when operating on  ice (through a hole) as well as on motionless bases.
The kit is an auxiliary equipment that functionally complements and expands the capabilities of the Hydra complex.
The drive is a device operating under the control of the program HyScan (hereinafter HS), and controls the speed and direction of rotation of the electric motor of the drive. HS sets the operating mode of the drive, the speed of rotation, the direction of rotation, the rotation sector, and the drive generates for HS the current angle of position and the current state.
It is used when shooting the surface of the bottom of the water area under the ice and under stationary objects (platforms, crossings, etc.).  
The drive is controlled via the RS485 interface, the drive is connected to a PC compatible laptop with the Microsoft ®Windows® operating system to the USB port via the RS485/USB adapter included in the kit. The HS program is included in the delivery kit of the sonar.
With the help of all-around looking sonar (ALS), it is effective to carry out works on diagnostics of underwater crossings, to carry out inspection of mooring walls, bridge supports, piles, to control underwater laying of the pipeline in the trench. ALS can be used in conditions where it is impossible to use SSS for reasons of shallow depth, cramped conditions that do not allow the movement and maneuvering of the vessel, as well as in winter conditions. 

Areas of application:

  • search for objects from ice;
  • engineering and ecological monitoring;
  • scientific projects (geological, archaeological, ecological, etc.).


  • work from ice or fixed platforms;
  • small size and weight;
  • powered by widespread rechargeable batteries.

SSU003 specification

Drive Combined electronics and mechanics unit, RS-485 interface, aluminum housing, coating
Software The HyScan program base (Windows). Provides real-time scanning and viewing of data, recording and subsequent playback, measurement of object parameters, and data conversion for further processing
Documentation User manual
Incoming accessories
  • Tripod
  • Mounting the drive to a tripod
  • Rod for fixing the locator
  • RS-485/USB Converter
  • Clips for connecting to the auto accumulator

Additional accessories and equipment, SOFTWARE (purchased separately)

Power Car accumulator 12V; Li-ion battery 12.6 V or 14.2 V

Extension cords, adapters

Integration Mobile accessory kit
Computer PC compatible computer (laptop)
Software Secondary processing SOFTWARE


Main parameters of SSU003
Scanning sector, deg 10-360
Scanning speed, deg/c 1-10
Compatibility with sonar series Hydra H5s7E,  H5se7,  H5sf7
Supply voltage, V 10-27
Max. current consumption, A 0,2
Weight, kg 0.8 (drive)
    5 (set)
Rod length, m 1,2
Dimensions, mm D50x250 (drive without cable)
Working conditions, temperature, deg.with
  • -15..+50 (working temperature);
  • -10..+40 (working water);
  • +5..+40 (storage)

The HyScan program is a program for shooting and primary data processing used when working with HBO. the basic package includes the hyscan shooting program that functions in Windows. You can download the program in Download software.

Additional information: Documentation

The basic set contains:
   - drive
   - software
   - documentation
   - incoming accessories (see the documentation)