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H4i3 - interferometric side-scan sonar (ISSS)


H4i3 - high resolution interferometric side-scan sonar (ISSS).  
The main purpose of interferometric side-scan sonar (ISSS) is bathymetric 3D swath survey of underwater relief.
Additional features  of the interferometer are associated with the ability to acquire simultaneously with bathymetric survey the sonar high-quality image, which opens access to the capabilities of SSS:

  • search for objects at the bottom and in the water column,
  • scientific, engineering, ecological and other monitoring.

Sonar survey of the water area (acoustics + bathymetry) is carried out by a complex placed on Board of a moving carrier (vessel, boat, boat, etc.). The range of the studied depths varies from units to hundreds of meters depending on the frequency of the complex, which allows you to work on any rivers, lakes and offshore seas , oceans.
The ISSS on each side contains a channel SSS, and additionally two separate receiving channels. Receiving channels are passive location channels using "backlight" (receiving echo signals emitted by the SSS transmitting antenna) from the corresponding SSS transmitting channel. Joint processing of echo signals of several receiving channels taking into account their mutual phase relations allows to obtain information about the depth of the water area along the beam with high accuracy.


  • overview swath survey of the bottom , identification of relief features, various inhomogeneities, swath survey of water areas;
  • search for objects at the bottom and in the water column;
  • engineering and ecological monitoring;
  • ensuring the safety of navigation;
  • depth measurement;
  • sounder measurement , and sounder measurement with instrumental evaluation;
  • swath bathymetry.

System specification

The composition of the basic set


The monoblock combined electronics unit and antennas with hybrid power cable and Ethernet, on-Board accommodation (mount on post)


=25.2 In (built-in Li-ion batteries)

Software (SW)

Recording program HyScan base (for Windows XP/7/8)


Manual, operator's manual, quick guide

Inbox accessories

  1. Built-in sensors of course-roll-trim (option)

  2. Built-in Li-ion batteries

  3. Case for transport and storage

  4. Mounting kit for fixing to the rod

  5. Cable splitter

  6. Mains charger (for the built-in Li-ion batteries)

Additional accessories and equipment (sold separately)


Extension cords, adapters


The navigation receiver. The sensor of the speed of sound in water, the profile of the speed of sound


Set of installation for small vessel (inflatable or hard shell)


Mobile accessories kit SSS


PC compatible computer (laptop)


Navigation, navigation, secondary processing


Specification H4i3

The complex location

Mobile or stationary, on-Board option


Separate design of the antenna module and electronic component

The composition of hydroacoustic systems

SSS c phase channels. Sounding the sounder (ES)

The average operating frequency, kHz


Resolution slant range, cm, not worse


The maximum slant range, m


The range of operating depths, m


The width of the swath acoustic images

4-6 depths for bathymetric shooting
15-30 depths for acoustic surveys

The accuracy of construction of the bathymetry in the band up to 6 depths, %, not worse


The tilt of the radiation pattern of the antenna with respect to the vertical, deg

30, 45, 60 (adjustment in unit antennas)

Opening of the main lobe of the directivity of the antenna, deg

1,2х50 - SSS
3 - ES

The types of the used probing signals (Z)

Tone or chirp

Protection class BPP


The power of acceptance (BPP)

External source =10..27V (battery 12.. 24V)
Network 110...220V via optional power supply

The maximum speed when shooting, units (m/c), not more

5 recommended

Dimensions, mm

170x175x55 (PPB)

Weight, kg, not more

5 (AU)
TO 0.9 (PPB)

Operating temperature, °C


Management of the complex

IBM PC compatible computer (Ethernet 100/1000)

Basic kit for working with complex

The HyScan program (Windows 2000/XP/7),
data converters

External sensors (optional)

Receiver navigation GPS+GLONASS with the required accuracy
, the Sensor yaw, heel, trim,
Sensor speed of sound in water

Interface connection of external sensors

RS-232 or RS-485

The communications protocols of sensors

NMEA, binary, user-defined

External synchronization

The possibility of synchronization of two or more complexes with each other or from an external source


HyScan software – recording program and processing of data used in the work of ISSS, is part of the basic package. You can download the program via Центр загрузки ПО.

Additional information: Documentation

The complex comes in various configurations. Recommendations on the choice of configuration are described in the specification.

The minimum set of components for the functioning of the ISSS:

  • Computer

  • Navigation system

  • Battery or power supply (if AC)

  • The fastening components and placing the complex on the ship

Basic kit contains:

  1. Block transfer and acceptance (BPP),

  2. Unit antenna (AU) with a system of aerial sensors (SAD)

  3. Power cables and Ethernet BPP

  4. CD the Complex sonar Hydra:

  • recording program HyScan

  • The user manual,

  1. passport

NOTE. Cable lengths specified in the order. Possible cable lengths given in the specifications.

Extension kit upon delivery of the complex:

  1. Computer;

  2. Batteries, chargers for batteries, power adapter;

  3. Power adaptor Notebook – power to the Notebook computer from the battery 12 or 24V;

  4. The navigation receiver;

  5. Mounting kits for mounting all-in-one different courts.

NOTE. The absence by angle sensors can cause significant errors in determining the coordinates when working at great depths.

The expansion kit includes additional subsystems and accessories, which help the user to organize meals, monitoring of results, to adapt the complex to vessels of different type and displacement, etc., the User can purchase additional sub-systems and accessories yourself or include them in the package.