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HyScan software

The HyScan program is designed to automate the processes of working with the complex in terms of reception, visualization, processing, analysis and archiving of the received sonar and parametric information for its further processing and documentation.
The program provides (with the appropriate configuration of the complex) execution of works on search, detection and research of various objects located in the water column and on the bottom surface, execution of measurement and mapping works, engineering and ecological monitoring.
With the help of received sonar information (SI) in the process of complex's operation (survey process) and parametric data from sensors (parametric information), program allows to generate acoustic image (AI) of the bottom in the form of two-dimensional image, explore AI, fulfill the necessary measurings on the image, record the received  data for further processing and reproduction, assess the quality of the  retrieved information.
The program provides the Operator with the following functionality:

  • Control of operation of the complex
  • Display of received SI and parametric information in various forms during the operation of the complex
  • Preliminary processing of the received data
  • Perform measurements using AI data and parametric information
  • Recording the received SI
  • Playback of recorded SI and parametric information
  • Work with shooting projects
  • Maintenance of the complex
  • Adjustment of the program for a specific operator
  • Formation of reports and statistics
  • Import and export data in various formats

The program supports all models of complexes. 
To download the specification, latest version, and documentation of the HyScan, go to the SOFTWARE download Center.
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