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Mobile accessory set SSS MS003

MS003 - the SSS accessory kit is designed to create a mobile kit of SSS, SSSE on the basis of models H5s7, H5sf7, H5s3, H5se3, H4i3, H5s1, H5se1 (on-Board accommodation) for a wide range of users.
The MS003 shockproof protected accessory kit (hereinafter referred to as the kit) is designed to create a mobile autonomous sonar system based on the Hydra™ series sonar (onboard placement on a small vessel). It is used for transportation, as well as during the operation of the complex for its power supply and as a desktop. It allows you to assemble a "turnkey" complex containing all the necessary elements for work (sonar, power system, laptop, navigation receiver) in one case. Built-in case Li-ion rechargeable batteries powering the sonar and laptop, provide a long time of autonomous operation (up to 8 hours, depending on the mode of operation of the complex and the laptop used). The kit can be placed on any carrier: from small boats  to vessels of large displacement.


  • application as part of Hydra mobile sonar systems;
  • easy transport and storage - all sonar in one case;
  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries;
  • navigation receiver included in the kit;
  • long time of autonomous operation.

Areas of applications:

  • Swath survey of water areas
  • Search for objects at the bottom and in the water column
  • Engineering and ecological monitoring


The following options are available when ordering (see specification):

  1. Cable length
  2. The accuracy of the navigation receiver

Сomplete set of the mobile kit

  • IP67 case with built-in panel
  • Battery pack ACU002-6 (Li-ion; 16,8V/  6A*h) - 2 PCs for MS003, MS003-1
  • Battery pack ACU003 (Li-ion; 16,8V/  12 A*h) - 1PCs for MS003-2, MS003-3
  • Battery charger
  • Universal power adapter for notebook with a set of adaptors - connectors
  • PWR005 power cable for external power supply (tips-clips for auto battery)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Display hood
  • GPS/GLONASS navigation receiver with USB interface
  • User manual
  • Passport

To order the complex, please contact us by phone +7 495 790 71 78, or send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..