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Applications of Hydra complexes

With the help of the complex it is possible to solve the following tasks of water areas survey and perform various works:
- search for various sunken or flooded objects on the bottom and in the water column
- search for objects in the bottom and bottom sediments;
- support for diving, underwater archaeology;
- measurement works, hydrography;
- safety of navigation;
- preparation of electronic passports of water areas;
- engineering monitoring of hydraulic structures (GTS);
- areal examination of inclined or vertical walls;
- dredging support;
- scientific research;
- bottom profiling;
- environmental monitoring of water bodies (determination of the bottom and water column, detection of the presence of man-made pollution (garbage, unauthorized flooding of objects, etc.) at the bottom, assessment of silt, etc.);
- engineering surveys on the continental shelf.

Hydroacoustic technologies used to solve tasks
Challenges and solutions
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