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Bottom profiler H4p


H4p - mobile, compact high-performance bottom - parametric profilograph series Hydra™ (on-Board accommodation). Is designed to study the layered structure of the bottom, to find objects in the bulk precipitation at operating depths of up to 200m and ability to penetrate into the soil up to 50m.
The property is on Board a moving carrier (vessel). The work is based on the principles of bottom profiling.

  • narrow directional diagram

  • large depth of penetration into the soil

  • high resolution depth

  • can be synchronized from an external source

  • digital acquisition and processing of signals

  • the possibility of integration of external sensors

  • small dimensions and weight


  • the classification of the type of soil and bottom sediments

  • search and detection of different objects in the sedimentary layer

  • depth measurement

  • engineering and environmental monitoring, preparation and supervision of construction of the HTS


Specification of the basic set LPG H4p



The monoblock combined electronics unit and antennas with hybrid power cable and Ethernet, on-Board accommodation (mount on post)


=25.2 In (built-in Li-ion batteries)

Software (SW)

Recording program HyScan base (for Windows XP/7/8)


Manual, operator's manual, quick guide

Inbox accessories

  1. Built-in sensors of course-roll-trim (option)

  2. Built-in Li-ion batteries

  3. Case for transport and storage

  4. Mounting kit for fixing to the rod

  5. Cable splitter

  6. Mains charger (for the built-in Li-ion batteries)

Additional accessories and equipment (sold separately)


Extension cords, adapters


The navigation receiver. The sensor of the speed of sound in water, the profile of the speed of sound


Set of installation for small vessel (inflatable or hard shell)


Mobile accessories kit SSS


PC compatible computer (laptop)


Navigation, navigation, secondary processing


Specification H4p

The complex location

Mobile or stationary, on-Board option


Separate design (block of reception and transmission of STDs and unit antennas - AU)

The average operating frequency, kHz

140 kHz (radiated)
15 kHz (differential received)

Distance resolution, cm, not worse


Penetration depth in soil, m

Up to 50

Recommended operating depth, m

Up to 200

Beamwidth of the antenna, deg


The dimensions of the antenna unit, mm, not more


Weight, kg, not more


Types of probing signals

Tone or chirp

Protection class BPP


The power of acceptance (BPP)

~220V/50..400 Hz

Consumed power, W

4000 (pulsed), 80 (medium)


~220V/50..400 Hz

Dimensions, mm

200*85*350 (PPB)

Weight, kg, not more

3 (PPB)
13 (AU)



The maximum speed of the medium, nodes (m/c), not more

9 (4,5)

Management of the complex

IBM PC compatible computer (Windows)

External sensors (optional)

1) the navigation receiver
2) sensor rate-roll-trim

Synchronization with an external source


pdf.png PPF H4p. Quick guide
Size: 526.04 KB


The HyScan program – recording program and processing of data used in the work of SSS, is part of the basic package. You can download the program via Download center.

Additional information:: Documentation

The complex comes in various configurations. Recommendations on the choice of configuration are described in the specification.

Basic kit contains:

  1. block transfer and acceptance (BPP)

  2. unit antenna (AU) with cable

  3. power cable BPP

  4. Ethernet cable

  5. mounting kit for attaching the AU to the rod

  6. case for transport and storage

  7. CD “Complexes sonar Hydra containing:

    • FOR the basic set - recording program HyScan

    • the user manual

  8. passport.

NOTE. Cable lengths specified in the order. Possible cable lengths given in the specifications.

The minimum set of components for operation:

  • computer (laptop)

  • the navigation receiver (connected to computer)

  • generator (if there is bortset sufficient power, you can use it)

  • mount BA to the ship.

NOTE. The absence by angle sensors can cause significant errors in determining the coordinates when working at great depths.

The expansion kit includes additional subsystems and accessories, which help the user to organize meals, monitoring of results, to adapt the complex to vessels of different type and displacement, etc., the User can purchase additional sub-systems and accessories yourself or include them in the package.

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