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Study of the upstream hydroelectric power station (Seoul, South Korea) - 2008

The hydrological work area was a section of the upper water area (upstream) adjacent to the hydroelectric dam located on the Han river outside Seoul (Republic of Korea) (figure 1).

The sonar survey was carried out in order to collect data necessary to solve the problem of the state of the upper water area (upstream) of the hydroelectric power plant.

The results of the sonar study are:

  • data of depths (bottom relief) in the zone of the upper water area (upstream)
  • acoustic image of the bottom surface in the area of the upper water area  (upstream)
  • the image of the structure of the thickness of the bottom

To obtain comprehensive data on the bottom relief, measurements were performed using the interferometric side-scan sonar of the Hydra3 series (Hydra ISSS 100).

To obtain a high-quality acoustic image of the bottom in order to determine the absence or presence of potentially dangerous bottom objects of any origin, a sonar survey of the surface was carried out with a high-frequency side-scan sonar of the Hydra 3 series (Hydra SSS 500).

The study of the structure of the bottom thickness was carried out with the help of parametric Profiler of Hydra 3 series  (Hydra PPF).

Coordination of all types of works was carried out using a GPS receiver in the coordinate system WGS-84. During sonar operations, differential corrections obtained from nearby lighthouses were used to achieve greater accuracy in determining the ship's position on the tack.

As a result of the works it was obtained:

  • acoustic image of the bottom
  • Depth map of  the specified location of the the upper water area (upstream) was drawn
  • the structure of the bottom was determined