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TS001 - Set of the towed side-scan sonar (SSS)

TS001 -  Set of the towed side-scan sonar (SSS).

Set of the towed side-scan sonar (SSS) provides operation with towed SSS of ultra-high resolution series Hydra° from the board of an inflatable boat.. It is used for search of sunken objects, monitoring of objects of underwater infrastructure, supervision of a condition of fairways and port water areas in regions with depths to 50 m.

The towed SSS uses a collapsible fairing, inside which is installed a H5s7ED sonar, a battery and a modem adapted for cable-rope operation.
The kit includes a collapsible ramp, compact winch with towing cable-rope, built-in Wi-Fi module, modem and rechargeable battery. The maximum cable-rope length is 100 m, which allows towing at depths up to 30 m. The winch is attached to the board of the inflatable boat using the included attachment.
Data exchange between the computer and the winch is carried out via Wi-Fi, between the winch and SSS - via cable-rope and cable modems.    
The maximum recommended separation of the SSS from the bottom is 20m, providing a maximum surveyed depth range of up to 50 metres.
SSS operates at the frequency of 700 kHz, and provides real-time high-quality image of the bottom with photographic quality and ultra-high resolution. Built-in rechargeable batteries allow you to work up to 12 hours without recharging.

Areas of application:

  • Swath survey of water areas
  • Search for objects at the bottom and in the water column
  • Engineering and ecological monitoring
  • Ensuring the safety of navigation
  • Depth measurements


  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Great length of the cables
  • Wide  swath of capture of the SSS
  • Simplicity of transportation and storage - whole sonar in one case
  • Ability to recharge the built-in battery during operation
  • Long time of autonomous operation
  • Automatic adjustment to shooting conditions

Developed in cooperation with Moscow University of Physics and Technology (MIPT).Application of the most modern technologies in acoustics, microelectronics and hydrodynamics allowed to develop a compact and efficient model. The H5st7 is a monoblock SSS mounted in a removable streamlined towed body along with a sealed battery pack. The chosen " Y " - shaped hydrodynamic scheme with three ribs improves the stability of the SSS when towing. The SSS monoblock is mounted in the lower rib of the " Y " - shaped body.
The delivery set includes a tow cable-rope with a power eyelet and a sealed connector. The maximum length of the cable rope is 100m, which allows towing at depths of up to 30 meters. On the carrier ship, the power eyelet of the cable-rope is connected to the towed hook or other power fixture.  The electricalconnector of the cable-rope connects to Your laptop (Windows PC) via Ethernet.  
The maximum recommended distance of SSS from the bottom is 20m, while providing the maximum depth range surveyed up to 50m when towing, or up to 20m when on-Board mounting.
SSS operates at 700 kHz, and provides real-time high-quality image of the bottom with photographic quality in a swath of surwey up to 230m with ultra-high range resolution - of 1 cm in range.

The kit is placed in a small case and has a weight of 29 kg, which ensures its delivery to any water bodies.  The kit can be deployed on a boat from 3.5 meters long.  If necessary, the towed body can be attached to the side of the boat (work from the side) and connected to the computer via a cable adapter.

Specification of the basic set LPG TS001


Towed LPG H5s7ED

Combined electronics unit and antennas, Ethernet interface. Embedded sensor penetration

Towed body

Collapsible plastic case, built-in cable modem and battery

Winch with cable-rope

Carrying cable d=4mm, length up to 100 m (length determined when ordering). Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot and the battery

Inbox accessories

  • the mounting kit for towing

  • charger

  • case for transport and storage

Software (FOR

The HyScan program base (Windows). Provides scanning and viewing real-time data, recording and subsequent playback, measurement parameters, data conversion for further processing


Manual, operator's manual

Additional accessories and equipment (sold separately)


  • battery pack for laptop power

  • the laptop power adapter

  • charger


Extension cords, adapters


Receiver navigation


  • mobile kit LPG

  • The fastening of the towed body to the Board


PC compatible computer (laptop)


Navigation, navigation, secondary processing


Specification LPG

Operation time without recharging

Up to 12 hours

Mass of set, kg


Carrying case dimensions, mm


Depth towing

  • up to 10m (cable L=30m)

  • up to 15m (cable L=50m)

  • up to 30m (cable L=100m)

The surveyed depth

  • up to 30m (cable L=30m)

  • up to 35m (cable L=50m)

  • 50 m (cable L=100m)

Towing speed, knots

to 10


  • -15..+50°C (working air)

  • -10..+40°C (operating water)

  • +5..+40°C ( storage)

HyScan – recording program and processing of data used in the work of SSSE, is part of the basic package. You can download the program via Download center.

Additional information: Documentation

The complex comes in various configurations. Recommendations on the choice of configuration are described in the specification.


Basic kit contains:

  1. Towed LPG H5s7ED

  2. Towed body

  3. Winch with cable rope

  4. The mounting kit for towing

  5. Charger

  6. Case for transport and storage

  7. The HyScan Program Base (Windows)

  8. Manual, operator's manual

NOTE.  Towed SSS H5st7

The minimum set of components for the functioning of the SSS:

  1. The computer installed with the basic set;

  2. Battery (no integrated battery);

  3. Installation kit (fastening elements).

Extension kit:

  1. Battery pack for laptop power

  2. The laptop power adapter

  3. Charger

  4. Extension cords, adapters

  5. Receiver navigatie

  6. Mobile kit LPG

  7. The fastening of the towed body to the Board

  8. Navigation, navigation, secondary processing.

The expansion kit includes additional subsystems and accessories, which help the user to organize meals, monitoring of results, to adapt the complex to vessels of different type and displacement, etc., the User can purchase additional sub-systems and accessories yourself or include them in the package.

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