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Accommodation on an inflatable boat

Due to its small size and weight, the complex can be placed on an inflatable boat with a length of 1.7 meters (2 people). Sonar installs from one of the sides on the rod. The rod has two positions - Hiking (raised from the water) and working (lowered into the water). Marching position allows you to go at high speed to the shooting location (search). This option allows you to use complexes in any configuration (SSS, SSSE, DSSS, ISSS, PPF).
Two people are enough to work with the complex - one performs the functions of a motorist (provides navigation), the second man is an operator of the complex. You can use a regular laptop, a secure laptop, or a tablet computer.
Using an inflatable boat allows you to get a complete mobile complex that fits completely in a passenger car (including a boat with a motor). Such complexes can be used for search and rescue operations by the Ministry of emergency situations, the Ministry of internal Affairs, and the Navy. The speed of deployment of the complex from the marching position (including the deployment of the boat) takes no more than 30 minutes (with a team of two people). The short deployment time allows you to quickly start performing search operations upon arrival.

Areas of perfomed works

  • search work
  • monitoring of pipelines and cables crossing rivers (channels)
  • monitoring the HTS
  • environmental monitoring of water areas (assessment of the state of the bottom, the presence of debris, etc.)
  • protection against poaching (network detection)
  • measurement works
  • diving support (selection of dive sites, determination of depth and bottom relief)
  • underwater archaeology, etc.


  • Rapid set-up time
  • Easy to transport and store – all sonar in one case
  • Long battery life

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Mobile accessory kit SSS MS003

Mobile accessories set MS004 for SSS

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