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Antenna sensor system SAS2

Measuring the position of the antenna array in space (course-roll-trim), the speed of sound in the water, and the water temperature. It is installed on the antenna unit and connected to the BPP via the RS-485 interface. It can be used as an independent sensor connected to a computer.


All models of BPP complexes of the Hydra4 series. It is possible to connect to a computer (via an RS-485/USB or RS-485/RS-232 adapter).

Order options

1) the sensor package (see the documentation):
-course-roll-trim sensor (SAS2-1);
- the gauge of speed of sound in water and the temperature sensor (SAS2-2);
- course-roll-trim sensor, sound speed sensor in water and temperature sensor (SAS2-3)

2) cable Length from 1 to 25m in 1m increments (see documentation)


Additional equipment, accessories and software

SAS_Tools software

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