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Sensors and additional equipment used in the complexes:

ANR001 built-in navigation receiver antenna
Reception of GPS and GLONASS satellite signals for the built-in RTU navigation receiver.

Parameters Type: active antenna
Delivery set, order options Given in the specification.
Additionally Extension cable CE001
Compatibility All models of RTU series Hydra4,5 with built-in navigation receiver accuracy 3M
Notice It is included in the basic set when delivering a model with a built-in RTU navigation receiver.
It is connected to the ANR connector of the complex transmit-receive unit (RTU).
Status  On order

NAV002 navigation receiver
External GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver with 3m accuracy and USB port. Connects to the USB port on your computer.



Parameters The accuracy of the coordinates: 3m
USB interface
Delivery set, order options Given in the specification.
Compatibility All models of the complexes
Status Serial production

Antenna sensors system SAD (SAS)

 Determination of the antenna unit (AU) complex position in space (course-roll-trim), measurement of temperature and speed of sound in water.
Installed on the AU and is connected to the RTU via the RS-485 interface. Can be used as a standalone sensor connected to a computer.

Parameters Set of sensors:
- sensor course-roll-trim (SAS2-1);
- water sound speed sensor and temperature sensor (SAS2-2);
- sensor rate-roll-pitch sensor of the sound speed in water and the temperature sensor (SAS2-3)
Accuracy: 2º (course); 0.2 º (roll-trim); 0.2 m/c (speed of sound in water)
Delivery set, order options Given in the specification.
Additionally  Software SAS Tools
Compatibility All models RTU of the complex.
Notice You can connect to the computer (through a USB adapter via RS-485/USB or RS-485/RS-232).
Status Serial production

Deep-sea sensor of the sound speed in water SVM001

The Hydra™ series deep-sea sound velocity sensor allows you to measure the speed of sound in water with high accuracy at depths up to 6000m. It is designed for installation on AUV, ROV and other underwater vehicles (carriers). After the power supply, the sensor automatically outputs the measured value to the communication line with the specified period.

  • The range of measurement of the speed of sound 1300..1700 m/s
  • Tool accuracy +-0.1
  • Water temperature measurement range -10..+40
  • Water temperature measurement accuracy +-0.5
  • Maximum working depth 300 (500), 600 (800), 1000 (1200), 3000 (3200), 6000 (6200) mm.
Delivery set, order options
  • Sensor with cable and connector
  • Passport
  • CD with software and documentation
  • Package
Additionally Software SAS Tools
Compatibility All models of the complex RTU series Hydra4,5
Notice RS-485 (half-duplex) or RS-232 (duplex) exchange interface
Status Serial production