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MS004 - the mobile SSS accessory kit

MS004 - the SSS accessory kit is designed to create a mobile kit SSS, SSSE on the basis of models H5s7E, H5s3, H5se3, H5se1, H5se7, H5st7, H5sf7, H5s3.

Mobile sonar kit MS004 of various versions (hereinafter kit) is designed to create a mobile autonomous sonar complex based on the sonar series Hydra™ (onboard placement on a small vessel). The kit is housed in a shockproof protected case and contains a sonar and a set of accessories, necessary to work with the sonar during the survey of the water area from the Board of a small vessel without the use of external power sources. It allows you to assemble a ”turnkey" sonar complex containing all the necessary elements for operation (sonar, power system, laptop, navigation receiver) in one case. Inside the case there is a composite panel (switching panel and lifting panel). The lifting panel is raised by means of a hole to access the inside of the case. The panel is used as a table to install the laptop during operation. To protect the laptop screen from glare, a display hood, built into the case cover, is used. The rest of the components are stored under the panel in the case compartment. The compartment provides a place to store the sonars H5s7E, H5se7, H5s(e)3 and additional accessories. The laptop can be transported inside the case, if the dimensions of the laptop allow that. The antenna of the navigation receiver is located inside the casing having a magnetic base. The casing can be attached to the inside or outside of the case cover with a magnet (installed on the inside of the cover under the hood). Built-in Li-ion rechargeable  battery powering the laptop and sonar, provides a long time of autonomous operation  (up to 12 hours, depending on the mode of operation of the sonar and the laptop used).


  • application as part of Hydra mobile sonar systems;
  • easy transportation and storage - all sonar in one case;
  • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries;
  • navigation receiver included in the kit;
  • long time of autonomous operation.

Areas of applications:

  • Swath survey of water areas
  • Search for objects at the bottom and in the water column
  • Engineering and ecological monitoring

Specification MS004


H5s7E, H5s7ED, H5st7, H5se7, H5sf7, H5s3, H5se3, H5se1


  • Case IP67 with integrated switching panel

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery; 14.8 V/24A*h

  • Charger

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Blend

  • The navigation receiver GPS/GLONASS USB


  • The user manual

  • Passport

Additional equipment and accessories (sold separately)


  • Universal power adapter for notebook

  • Power adapter for rugged notebook

  • Charger for sonar


  • Extension cord cable sonar

  • Extension cable Ethernet cable

  • Adapter


  • Sonar

  • Laptop

The main parameters

The placement of additional equipment inside the case

  • Laptop

  • Sonar

  • Charger sonar

  • Cables, adapters

  • Tool


  • The battery charge indicator

  • Status indicator sonar

The inclusion of sonar

The power button of sonar (for sonars with built-in batteries)

The battery charging time, h, not more


Input voltage charger


The accuracy of the navigation receiver

3M or 10m (see table 1)

Degree of protection case


External dimensions of case mm


Weight of case, kg, not more


Working conditions

Temperature, °C


  • -15..+50 (working)

  • -40..+50 (storage without batteries)

  • +5..+40 (storage battery)

When ordering the following options are available (see specification):

  1. Cable length

  2. The accuracy of the navigation receiver

The composition of the mobile set

  • sonar (depending on version)

  • Case IP67 with built-in bar

  • Rechargeable ACU002-6 (Li-ion; 16.8 V/6A*h) - 2 pieces for MS003, MS003-1

  • ACU003 rechargeable battery (Li-ion; 16.8 V/12A*h) - 1 piece MS003-2, MS003-3

  • Charger

  • Universal power adapter for notebook with a set of adaptor power supply

  • Power cable PWR005 to power from an external source (tips – clips autoambulator)

  • Ethernet Cable

  • Blend

  • The navigation receiver GPS/GLONASS USB

  • The user manual

  • Passport


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